We are pleased to announce a newly developed Maker Bar and Teacher Resource Center at Oakland International High School, 4521 Webster Street. This space will host weekly hands-on workshops, a teacher fellowship, and coaching meetings. Check out the upcoming workshops below, including our grand opening on Thursday, September 28th, in conjunction with the East Bay Maker Educator Meet-up. 


Unless otherwise noted no RSVP is necessary. Snacks and coffee/tea will be served. 

October Workshops:

Designing Making Spaces

with Ilya Pratt, Director, Design+Make+EngagE, Park Day School

10/5, 4 - 6

How do I design maker-centered learning environments within my classroom? Participants will look at how we’re setting up makerspaces within two schools, at Oakland International High School, and the Design+Make+Engage Innovation Workshop and classrooms at Park Day School. We will look at simple ways to support maker-centered learning in the classroom.

Measurable Language Objectives for English Language Learners

With Jen KElly-DeWitt and brooke Toczylowski, CurriculUm & Instruction Coaches, Oakland International High School

10/17, 4 - 6

How do we design concrete and measurable language objects for our English Language Learners? How do these connect to and support our content objectives? In this workshop participants will work with coaches from OIHS to examine example objectives and lesson plans from OIHS teachers as well as have time to craft their own.

Thinking Routines 101

With Brooke Toczylowski, Program Director, Agency by Design Oakland 

10/30, 4:30 - 6:30

What kind of thinking do you want your students to master? Why are thinking routines powerful tools for the classroom?  In this hands-on workshop participants will try out four thinking routines from Project Zero, a research institute at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

  • 10 x 2: to support observing & describing

The Agency by Design Oakland Maker Bar and Teacher Resource Center are supported by Educate78, the Abundance Foundation, and Oakland International High School