Professional Development Workshop: Agency by Design & Systems Thinking, Nov. 4 @ MoAD

This workshop (Eventbrite link here) is offered in collaboration with ACOE's Integrated Learning Fall Retreat, on Saturday, Nov. 5 at MoAD. Click on the link to sign up for ILSP's Saturday's workshop, titled "Integrated Learning and Museum of African Diaspora Mindmeld Event!"

Agency by Design & Systems Thinking, Friday, Nov. 4

Why is systems thinking integral to empowering my students to be change makers? How do I bring complex ideas into the classroom?

In this workshop we will explore systems thinking, perspective taking, contemporary art, and design challenges by employing thinking routines from Project Zero’s research project, http://Agency by Design. Through hands-on and brains-on experiences educators will take away key strategies and connections for developing a culture of thinking and making in the classroom, and beyond. This workshop is intended for K-12 educators in all content areas, coaches, professional development facilitators, and administrators.

By using the thinking routine Parts, People, and Interactions, we will look closely at and explore the complexity of malleable systems in our world. By examining how people in the system Think, Feel, and Care we will deepen our understanding of others’ perspectives while also examining our own biases. Lastly, we will find opportunities to hack, re-design, and leverage our power in the world by employing an Imagine If… thinking routine, leading us to be agents of change in the world around us. 

Workshop facilitated by representatives from the Agency by Design Oakland Team, including:

Paula Mitchell, Teacher on Special Assignment, Maker Education & Blended Learning, Grass Valley Elementary School, Oakland Unified School District

Brooke Toczylowski, Fellows Coordinator & Coach, AbD Oakland Leadership Team & Oakland International High School, Oakland Unified School District

A light breakfast, snacks and lunch will be provided. 

This workshop counts as Elective Credit in the Integrated Learning Specialist Program (ILSP).

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