Celebrate Maker-Centered Learning in the Classroom on May 24

This past year the Agency by Design Oakland fellows have engaged in teacher inquiry with Project Zero researchers, based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This community of twenty-seven educators, from over 15 different local schools and institutions, has worked together to think about documentation and assessment strategies within Maker-Centered Learning.  

Mid-way through this last year of research into documentation and assessment, we worked with recent graduates of Oakland International High School to create a short video capturing the work completed in the Agency by Design Oakland fellowship:

Please join us on Wednesday, May 24th to meet theses amazing educators—true leaders at their schools and beyond! Come celebrate their research, learn from documentation and reflection, engage in making experiences, and dig deeper into maker-centered learning.

Below are the schools and institutions represented by this year’s cohort. To learn more about our individual fellows check out the Who We Are section of our website.  

  • Alliance Academy MS, OUSD
  • Burckhalter Elementary School, OUSD
  • Emerson Elementary School, OUSD     
  • Grass Valley Elementary School, OUSD
  • Lighthouse Community Charter School, Oakland
  • Lodestar Charter School, Oakland
  • MetWest High School, OUSD
  • McClymonds High School, OUSD
  • Oakland International High School, OUSD
  • Oakland Public Library
  • Park Day School, Oakland     
  • Project H Design, Berkeley
  • Realm Charter School, Berkeley
  • Roosevelt Middle School, OUSD
  • West Oakland Middle School, OUSD   
  • White Hill MS, Ross Valley SD                                        
  • Wood Middle School, Alameda County SD

At the May 24th event teachers will present their documentation and thinking in regards to the research questions that have guided the work this year:

1) How can learners make visible their ability to look closely, explore complexity, and find opportunity?

2) How can teachers qualitatively measure students’ performance within the realm of these three core maker capacities?

3) How can we collaborate with students and teachers to design a suite of practical documentation and assessment tools best suited to the development of maker empowerment?

Fellows will be sharing:

  • Maker-Centered Learning in the classroom: What does it look like? Fellows will share explorations and learnings from their classroom practice.

  • Ignite Talks by Kennan Scott, West Oakland Middle School and Robbie Torney, Lodestar Charter School

  • How to Structure a thoughtful Maker-Centered Learning Program with Paula Mitchell and Diana Culmer, Grass Valley Elementary School  

  • Making Circle with Cicely Day, Burckhalter Elementary School and Susan Wolf, Integrated Learning Specialist Program

  • Student Agency: Hear from making interns at MetWest High School, along with their teacher, Hannah Mintz

  • Meet a Project Zero Researcher, Jessica Ross, Senior Practitioner Specialist, Project Zero and Project Manager on the Agency by Design research project

  • Take Apart! with Ngà Nguyêñ, Wood Middle School, Alameda

Please RSVP on our eventbrite page to reserve your spot!