What Teachers are Saying about their Fellowship Experience

Thirty educators from 15 Oakland schools and institutions have been working all school year to learn about the Agency by Design framework and pursue personal inquiries in maker-centered learning. Here are what a few of them have to say about their experience and the impact of the fellowship has had on their classroom practice and learners.   

“My students, using the Agency by Design framework have had the opportunity to engage in maker-centered learning AND we have together been able to explore those impacts. Students have connected more to their school work (increased authenticity), have felt an increased sense of accomplishment and more concrete vision of community at Grass Valley.” - Roxanne Martinez, Resource Teacher/Education Specialist, Grass Valley Elementary School

“This fellowship and the Agency by Design framework has had a profound impact on my instructional practice, leadership, and vision for my school. The two most important aspects are being able to learn what teachers are doing at other schools and gain ideas and partnership, as well as learning about the Agency by Design framework. Having the support of the fellowship and the team makes sure I am going beyond just doing making to creating maker identities in incorporating thinking. Last year I feel the maker instruction I did was more about doing projects without the deeper thinking.” - Annika Mcpeek, Lead Science & Engineering Teacher, Hoover Elementary School

“This time spent in professional development has been critical for me, as these fellow educators have become my thinking partners and have supported me in developing teaching strategies that are engaging and center the student." - Crystal Barajas Barr, Art & STEAM Teacher, Urban Promise Academy Middle School

“I’m here for the people! The network and peer-learning has been invigorating.” Clayton Evans, 11th grade Physics Teacher, McClymonds High School

“My students are seeing themselves as independent learners and managers of their own learning and time because of some of the routines put in plan in our room. The framework has guided me in redirecting authority to make that happen.” - Theresa Sanders, 3rd Grade Teacher, Redwood Heights Elementary School

“[During the fellowship] is when I think about going beyond the cultural responsiveness and Ethnic Studies to marry empowering content with empowerment practices.” - Reina Cabezas, CTE Engineering Coach & Teacher, OUSD

Learn more from the fellows directly at the Culmination Event on May 5th!


Experience how teacher action research into Maker-Centered Learning is transforming classrooms and schools in Oakland!

Teacher Action Research in Maker-Centered Learning
Saturday, May 5, 9am-12pm
at Lighthouse Community Charter School
444 Hegenberger Rd, Oakland, CA 94621

Breakfast will be served, followed by presentations in:

  • Leadership & Coaching: How do we ignite and support maker-centered learning at our school sites?

  • Curriculum: How can the Agency by Design framework be integrated into my unit plans?  

  • Instructional Strategies: What tools and structures can we create that support strategies like “Re-directing Authority” and “Co-Inspiration”?

  • Thinking Routines and Maker Capacities: How do the Agency by Design thinking routines promote looking closely, exploring complexity, and finding opportunity with my learners?

  • Maker Identity: What does it mean to be a maker? Am I a maker? Do my students see themselves as makers?

  • Systems Thinking: How does current maker/engineering curricula, and professional development, disrupt or perpetuate systems of oppression for students of color?

This community of thirty educators represents 15 different Oakland schools and institutions. To learn more about our individual fellows check out the Who We Are section of our website.  

See presentations from educators representing the following schools and institutions:

Alliance Academy Middle School, OUSD
Burckhalter Elementary School, OUSD
Grass Valley Elementary School, OUSD
Lighthouse Community Charter School, Oakland
Lodestar Charter School, Oakland
McClymonds High School, OUSD
Oakland International High School, OUSD
Park Day School, Oakland     
Integrated Learning Specialist Program, ACOE
CodeNext Oakland
Castlemont High School, OUSD
Hoover Elementary School,  OUSD
Redwood Heights Elementary School, OUSD
Urban Promise Academy Middle School, OUSD
Urban Montessori Charter School, OUSD

Free and open to the public. Breakfast will be served.
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We hope to see you there!